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Lighthouse Salt and Pepper Grinders

Our new lighthouse salt and pepper grinders are made for both seafarers and landlubbers alike. Made entirely of wood except for the metal mechanisms that make them work, these will give a nautical touch to any kitchen or dining room where they are used.

Each grinder is patterned after a famous North Carolina lighthouse. The pepper grinder represents the one at Cape Hatteras, while the salt grinder with its horizontal stripes resembles the Bodie lighthouse on the Outer Banks between Nags Head and Oregon Inlet.

About the lighthouses:
Bodie: This is the third lighthouse built in this area. The first was poorly designed and taken down when its replacement was begun in 1859. The second one was destroyed during the Civil War when Confederate armies feared the advancing Union Army would use it as a lookout. The present version of the Bodie Island Lighthouse was placed in service in October 1872 and automated in 1954. The flashes from its Fresnel lens can be seen for 19 miles.
Hatteras: At 208 feet, the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is the tallest in the nation and one of North Carolina’s most famous symbols. Its light can be seen at least 20 miles out to sea and has warned sailors of treacherous shoals for over 100 years. The lighthouse was built with no pilings: just a foundation of heart pine. In 1999, the Hatteras lighthouse had to be moved inland when the waters of the Atlantic Ocean began threatening the structure.
About the salt and pepper grinders:
As with all of our products, each lighthouse salt and pepper grinder is made by hand, and no two are exactly alike. The creation of these patented lighthouse grinders requires many steps and takes a few days to complete.  We begin by turning pieces of maple, sapele, and mahogany into cylinders. The cylinders are cut into pieces, then glued together in alternating colors to form the foundation for the lighthouse design. The center of the structure is drilled out to accept the grinder mechanism, then the structure is put on the lathe and turned to its final shape. The top is turned separately. The maple that is used for the “light” of the lighthouse is divided into fourths, and pieces of thin black veneer are placed between the pieces before it is turned on the lathe, to give the appearance of lenses, or panes of glass. When the grinder and top have been turned, each is sanded thoroughly for a smooth finish, then several coats of tung oil are applied to give the finished grinder a rich shine and a durable finish.

If you are interested in a custom lighthouse pepper grinder, salt grinder, or a set of both, please call us at 252-482-8575 or send an email to 
[email protected] and we will make them for you.  
                        Currently we are selling these for $95/set.


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