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Thanks for your interest in J & D Woodcrafters.

We started J & D Woodcrafters because we enjoy creating fine handmade wooden gifts. We have an appreciation for beautiful woods and a commitment to quality. We are a husband and wife team whose mission is to provide handcrafted wood items of the finest quality. We have recently begun working with a laser and are now able to expand our product line beyond lathe-turned and general woodworking items.

Having spent many, many years in the business and education fields, enjoying woodworking on weekends, we are now able to devote all of our time to our craft, spending our days in the backyard workshop with our lathes and woodworking tools. As we learned new techniques and tried different applications, we kept turning wood and ended up starting J & D Woodcrafters to showcase the unique and beautiful things we were making.  We continue to add more items to our inventory regularly, including oil lamps, wooden pepper grinders, bowls, and boxes.  We keep experimenting in our workshop, resulting in the addition of more categories in the store. We try to keep our prices reasonably low, with items made from more exotic and expensive woods costing a little more. Regardless of the wood used, we strive to create only the best items that we can; anything less than that goes in the wood pile.

You can contact us through the "contact us" link above or email support@j-dwoodcrafters.com any time, or by phone at (252) 562-2439 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. ET.
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Unique Wood Gifts - About

Our beautiful hand-turned bottle stoppers add personality and class to a nice bottle of wine and can also be used to seal an interesting bottle of oil or vinegar. No matter how you use one, it will become a great conversation piece and makes a wonderful one-of-a-kind gift, especially when presented with a bottle of wine or oil.

Handcrafted pens and pencils make writing more pleasurable. Besides being useful, there is nothing quite like the feel of smooth wood in your hand as you write across a page, or sign your name. A pen always makes a nice gift for the graduate, a family member, or someone who is just difficult to buy for; think what an impression you will make when you present a unique, hand-turned pen made of natural wood.

Wooden salt and pepper grinders are a wonderful addition to the home.  We make these beautiful and funtional items in  many different designs and sizes, from a variety of woods.  The shape of each grinder is designed to accentuate the characteristics of the wood it is made of.  Our lighthouse grinders, new to our shop, are unique and sure to become treasured possessions. 

We also make a variety of bowls, boxes, vessels, and platters in many shapes and sizes, all of them perfect for gift-giving, displaying, or using in your home.  These are made from beautiful woods with interesting grains or color patterns that give the items character and style.

Oil lamps and candle holders are always nice things to have around the house.  They provide light when needed and add atmosphere in the rooms where they are used, but are beautiful pieces of art by themselves