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Acrylic Monograms
J & D Woodcrafters have helped numerous homeowners enhance their home’s décor though our acrylic monograms. Cut from acrylic, many prefer to hang their custom piece right on their front door. These pieces can feature their family’s last name, their initials or some type of special abbreviation. Alternatively, other families prefer to use their monograms on the inside of their home, often as a decorative piece to highlight other family treasures, such as family photographs on the wall. 
Traditionally, when displaying a family monogram, we will put the wife’s initial first, the surname initial larger in the middle, and the husband’s initial last. Of course, it is based purely on preference, so choose whatever you think is most meaningful or what your eyes find to be most aesthetically pleasing.

Additionally, we have found that acrylic monograms are quite popular with business owners in a variety of industries. For example, florists have found that acrylic monograms can serve as a wonderful centerpiece for wreaths they construct. Other businesses use it as a decorative piece for their office or establishment, or as a way to remind them of their family while at work. 
Our acrylic monograms are made from solid color 1/8’’ acrylic, and do not require sanding, painting or other maintenance -- other than the inevitable dust swipe. Customers can choose which color and design they would like. If you would like assistance choosing the right acrylic monogram for your individual needs, please give us a call at your convenience.  

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